B for Eveline

Album: Demo (2007)

Song: Ashlee Simpson is my friend (but I would like more)

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Born from the scission of Hide From Lying (emocore band), B for Eveline has been created in the basement of a vast house with tolerant parents (or deaf!) around June 2006.

Rather than to marry the popular styles, B for Eveline tries to create its own sound while taking as a starting point a combination of the heterogeneous influences from each member of its formation : emocore, rock'n'roll, indie, electro, 80 's and classical music.

Failing to be classified by an interminable series of unimportant qualifiers, the group joins a new musical style invented and named by itself : electrobabiche, honouring the current paradox of the multiple emergent and divergent musical styles, of the various influences as well contemporary as ancestral.

B for Eveline is composed by Gab Balleux (vocals), Test Lafontaine (guit), Pete Fleurent (bass), Gab Bouvette (drum & back vocals) and Jean-Mi Blais (keyboards and other uncommon instruments), all from Nicolet and its surroundings.

B for Eveline gives concerts since the beginning of 2007.